Hulme 1996 - Iggy, Steve C, kELzO and Derek E. Photo by Tony Holker, R.I.P

Salford 2011. kELzO with Snoop Dog.                         Photo by Mark Waugh

2015. kELzO painting in Stevenson Sq,          Northern Quarter, Manchester.


Manchester artist kELzO, part of the UK Hip Hop youth movement of the mid 1980's who gained notoriety early 90's when he turned the inner city area of Hulme in Manchester into one of the biggest outdoor graffiti art galleries in Europe.

The area was condemned for demolition in 1991 and became a hotbed to a variety of art movements, anarchists, intellectuals and squatters with its close proximity to Manchester University. kELzO and associates painted the whole area top to bottom for 6 years and also organised international graffiti events known as the "Smear graffiti jams". These parties attracted all kinds of people from graffiti artists, photographers and break dancers to punks and all kinds of performers from around the world.


 Since those early years kELzO's carved a career which has taken him around the world, from New York where the movement first inspired him to many other cities across the USA and Europe painting walls and vehicles in cities and alternative communities.

kELzO - Graffiti artist - EsT 1984

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